German lorry toll - too much toll paid

If your lorries drove on German roads between 2005 and today, you have probably paid too much. This is what the European Court of Justice decided in its judgement of 28/10/2020. Specifically, you were overcharged for the costs of traffic police on federal highways. The Federal Republic of Germany has been charging you for these costs on a pro rata basis for years - wrongly, as the ECJ has now ruled. For the charging of these costs is contrary to European law. As a lorry driver, you can now invoke this decision directly. Register with us now without obligation in order to claim damages.

Too many costs paid - your repayment claims

Who is entitled to repayment?
Every lorry which drove on German roads between 2005 and now has been affected in terms of too much toll paid. According to the ECJ, the toll calculation method relating to the cost of the traffic police is not legal. You can now claim repayment of these costs for these vehicles.

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